Grab a GIFT CARD for Yourself or to Give as a Gift!

Grab a GIFT CARD for Yourself or to Give as a Gift!

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Leading up to our upcoming launch, we are making HAUS of HOPE GIFT CARDS now available! Customers who purchase gift cards for themselves or as gifts for others will inform us during the check out/fulfillment process, which non-profit they wish to support with their purchase. Customers may name whichever non-profit organization is closest to their hearts. Donations are issued quarterly. We are grateful for the important work non-profits do every day and are THRILLED to make this a very important component of our work. HAUS of HOPE is dedicating 50% of its profits toward these donations at no additonal cost to our cutomers.

HAUS of HOPE is proud to be the first art company in the world to donate 50% of its profits to the worthy causes closest to the hearts of our customers. 


Busy Like Bees Getting Ready for our Upcoming Launch!

First, we'd like to say THANK YOU to EVERY SINGLE WORKER out there who is providing essential services in any capacity during this pandemic. Thank You for your service! YOU ARE HEROES! 

Secondly, because these essential workers are risking their own health to help us all, please help them by limiting your public outings and wear a mask when you do go out. Even if you feel healthy, you could be spreading the virus because the fact is we just don't know enough about this virus to flatten the curve otherwise.  The longer people ignore these realities, the higher the death toll with be and the longer it will be before we can move about freely and safely again.

Thirdly, we began to build this social enterprise just before the pandemic hit and since there's no playbook for how to launch a new company during a pandemic, we're doing our best just like everyone else and looking forward to building this project to its maximum potential.  Artists need our support more than ever so we're working hard to meet our launch date of August 1st.

Fourthly, we stand in solidarity with people of color across the US and beyond against racial injustice wherever it is taking place. We pledge to actively pursue cultural and racial diversity through our partnerships with artists, designers, makers and others.

And finally, leading up to our upcoming launch of HAUS of HOPE, we're making Gift Cards available for purchase.  (See above.)

We'll be posting updates to this website and on our blog as we move closer toward our opening and we have some fun giveaways coming up so stay tuned!

Stay well and be safe out there,

The HAUS of HOPE Crew