What - Who - Why

HAUS of HOPE is being built as a social enterprise to support artists and designers across the globe as well as many causes close to the hearts of our customers. Our work begins here in the US and will expand over time to include every community on this beautiful planet we all call home. Our mission follows:

  • Initially showcase exceptional creative talent from across the United States through our online digital format. Expand our geographical coverage from there.
  • Support artists, designers, makers and the growth of the creative economy via our outreach and marketing efforts and fair compensation.
  • Ensure our staff is paid a living wage of a minimum of $15/hr.
  • Leave no stone unturned in our pursuit to reduce the carbon footprint of our business activities.
  • Work diligently to maximize the cultural and racial diversity of the artists, makers and designers we partner with.
  • Maximize our online sales of art and design allowing us to donate to worthy causes close to the hearts of our customers. Customers inform us of the non-profit of their choice at the time of their purchase. Donations are issued annually in early Fall. We are grateful for the important work non-profits do every day and are THRILLED to make this a very important component of our work. HAUS of HOPE is dedicating 50% of its annual profits for these donations at no additional cost to our customers.

    HAUS of HOPE is proud to be the first art company in the world to donate 50% of its profits to the worthy causes closest to the hearts of our customers. Artists and designers are not asked to donate and do not donate unless they wish to do so for special events or projects created in collaboration with the HAUS of HOPE team.



    Meet The Team!

    Kelly - art maker, norm breaker, chief baker

    Melissa - art and science nerd, music junkie, worshipper of Jane Goodall

    Andrew - right brain/left brain guru, dreams of one day becoming a volcanologist






    HAUS of HOPE is a project of

    PHAF, LLC., "Building the world we want to live in."