Submit Your Work

HELLO! to all of the talented artists, designers, makers and creative souls out there. Thanks for stopping by. We're interested in seeing your work and hopefully finding a place for one or more of your pieces here at HAUS of HOPE.

Before you begin the submission process, please note the following:

  • We currently work with artists, designers and makers who have a website URL to submit for review. At minimum, the website should include high quaity images of your work, description of each piece along with your artist statement. Please note, for the initial review, we do not accept attachments. Initial submissions with attachments are not reviewed.
  • HAUS of HOPE only sells individual exclusive works. This means that we are the only ones making a particular work available for sale although many artists will have other works available for sale in physical gallery spaces and within other online venues. Please only submit work for review if you are willing to sell one or more pieces under this arrangement.
  • If one or more of your works are offered placement with HAUS of HOPE and you acccept placement, you will need to ensure we receive high quality images and complete descriptions of those works along with a current artist statement via email prior to upload.
  • Artists receive 65% and HAUS of HOPE retains 35% on its retail and bespoke sales. Artists ship from their locations and are responsible for covering the costs of packaging. HAUS of HOPE is responsible for covering the shipping charge to the buyer. In the event your work requires crating for safe shipment, please send that information to us prior to the upload. It will be included as a separate fee paid by the buyer. That full amount will be paid to the artisit. Artist payments are issued monthly.
  • HAUS of HOPE pledges to leave no stone unturned with our partnering artists to maximize the sales of their works in order to achieve the highest quarterly impact possible. This benefits our partnering creatives, the creative economy and also the worthy causes we support. 
  • 50% of HAUS of HOPE profits are donated to incredible non-profit organizations chosen by our customers during the check out/order fulfillment process. Donations are issued annual in the early Fall.

HAUS of HOPE is proud to be the first art company in the world donating 50% of its profits to the causes closest to the hearts of our customers. Artists and designers are not asked to donate their work but some may wish to do so for special events and projects created in collaboration with the HAUS of HOPE team

If you have additional questions before you submit you work for review please click here to send us an email we will get to you asap..


    If you are ready to submit your website URL for initial review, please click here to send an email to us using the subject line 'work for review-'your name'. For this initial submission, please only include a link to your website. If your email does not bounce back, we have received it and it is in que for review. You can expect to hear back from us within 4 weeks. If you do not hear from us within 4 weeks then we will not be able to make your work available at HAUS of HOPE at this time. In the event you do not receive an email back from us, please do submit again with different work for review. THANK YOU!